Kevin Romeo, Rhino Media owner

Grand Conversations

I drove to Kalamazoo Wednesday to chat with Kevin Romeo of Rhino Media for a story for the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

Rhino Media currently is making a documentary about the Michigan beer industry, so it was a natural conversation I had to have.

We chatted for a good bit about the movie; it’s going to be awesome. It’ll center around a few main players in the industry but touch on the whole state. It comes out in September.

He was a cool guy and we didn’t really talk all that much about why he does what he does. It was pretty obvious. He loves it.

We talked about what he does. He makes movies and takes pictures, but he likes to write as well. Right now, Rhino does a lot of projects for clients. But the beer movie is a labor of love. And it’s something he would actually…

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